What can Pilates do for you?

Pilates has a remedial effect on the body: 

The BodyPerfect method 
teaches the philosophy developed by Jospeh H. Pilates. 

With basic mat movements and equipment based transitions.  

Modifications are made on an individual basis with successful integration of mind-body. 

This gentle exercise program is for all fitness levels.

Studio Starter Packs!

Starter Packs are a great  way to commense your Pilates training after having completed your first initial Postural and Analysis consultation.

These are private one on one Pilates sessions under the supervision of a highly qualified instructor.

Sessions are 60mins in duration.

You will learn a pre-pilates and equipment based program specifically designed for you,

working on any problems or concerns highlighted by your first P&A consultation.

Please see our Price list page for further information.

Semi-Private Sessions 

After you have completed a nominated number of private sessions and you are able

to follow your program with minimal supervision, there is a possibility of a semi-private session if there is someone at your level willing to share a session and timeslot.

Shared sessions consist of 2-3max. participants per session, you will rotate your exercises on the various machines starting with a brief warm-up and pre-pilates matwork.

Sessions may include some review of your pilates technique and some program progression once competency has been reached, allowing everyone to progress at their own level.

Sessions are 60mins in duration. Session times may vary depending on bookings please call 

048776 1963 .for more information. 



semi-private sessions are small groups of participants working at their own level.