Studio Sessions

To Start:

Private and Semi-Private sessions.

Book in for a private 1 hour assessment to start with. 

Followed by a series private sessions to learn your specific program targeting any postural concerns or muscular imbalances. 

This may be followed by more privates untill you are comfortable with your program or join a semi-private session consisting of small groups of 2-3people, booked by appointment.

Clinical Pilates:

With exercises that focus on a central stable core, you will learn neural re-patterning techniques that will help correct dysfunction.

This  session can be done as a Private Pilates Session, (see above) using the equipment. Or as a basic fundamental matwork class reviewing pelvic floor and core recruitment exercises. Ideal if you are new to pilates or need to review your technique.

 Through a series of gentle postural exercises you will go away feeling balanced relaxed with a renewed sense of well being.

Feel the benefit right away.


Product Info Price
Postural Assessment Privates 1 hour initial consultation $85
Private Sessions Casual One on one instruction 1-1.15hrs $75
Starter Pack 1x P&A consult and 5x Private Sessions $375
Private 5x Pack* ongoing. 5x privates paid & booked in advance $325
Semi-Private Session Casual Minimum 2 persons with one instructor $40pp
Semi-Private Pack* 5x semi privates paid & booked in advance $187.50pp
*NEW Special Combi- 10x Pack Combination 10x Privates. Session can be mixed and matched. Converted to semi-privates or Mat classes $600pp
Mat Pilates/Barre Casual Min 3 persons per class. Bookings essentiel. $25pp
4x Week Mat Pilates course program Starting Wed 's in Sept 2018.Bookings essentiel. $80 pp

* All pack sessions expire within 3-6 months* of purchase unless otherwise discussed at time of sale. (*depending upon pack purchased)
*All sessions to be completed for pack price to be valid.
(see terms and conditions)
*Combination pack valid only for clients having completed their first consultation and assessment.
Semi-privates in combi-pack sessions may only be booked once competency has been achieved. And participants can work with minimal supervision.
*NEW Special Combi- 10x Pack.
Combination 10x Privates. Session can be mixed and matched. Converted to semi-privates or Mat classes. Pack valid for 6 months from start date.
All sessions non transferable and non refundable.
24 hrs cancellations policy applies to all sessions booked.
*Minimum numbers apply for Semi-Private sessions and Group / or Mat classes