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Pilates Props

BodyPerfect Pilates Studio Props for Sale:

Pilates Socks:
Brand MOVEACTIV. Pink, Grey and or Black. Sizes S-M, M-L 
$15 each 
Pilates Spikey Balls
Massage, (out of stock) $20each.
Trigger point, only 2 left $20 each. 
Reflexology balls: only 3 left $20 each
Pilates "soft" Blue Balls: (out of stock)
$20 each.
 Foam Rollers  full rollers (out of stock)
                      1/2 full roller 1x left. $35
Product Price
Soft Blue Pilates Ball $20each
Abi & Joseph Pilates grip socks $15each
Spikey Massage Ball $20each
1/2 Foam Roller $35each
Full foam Roller $60each