Pilates for core strength.

Improve posture and flexibility while increasing core strength and refining your technique.

Private or smallgroup Mat Sessions by appointment.

Pilates Mat and Barre classes tighten and tone all over.


Pilates attracts everyone promising core strength, flexibility, and lean muscle tone.


Done in small group classes

More affordable

Emphasis on learning control

Best bet for beginners

Learn the foundation of Pilates Principles

Doing Pilates on a mat can work wonders even the simplest exercises can reap great rewards if done consistently under the supervision of and experienced and certified instructor.

Please Note:

No Group classes or courses scheduled at present.

Please contact Helene to book a private mat session* suitable for you.

*( or a session with a couple of friends booked privately min 3 -4 persons )


Barre Pilates

Mat versus Studio sessions

What’s The Difference Between Mat Pilates And Equipment Based Pilates?

Similar benefits,

“Both forms will teach you how to use your central core stabilizers, make performing daily activities and sports easier, and tone your body along the way.

Working with resistance and or small props, Pilates exercises, are designed to train the body’s “CENTRAL CORE ” — the abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks.

There are pro's and cons to each..

But the question still remains: should you do Pilates on a mat or use the equipment?

This will largely depend on your financial situation, availability and location of classes or sessions to suit your schedule.

Your own personal preference.

Injuries or ongoing pain you may be experiencing..

If you need individual attention mat class is not recommended unless it is a private class.

Studio sessions cater to the needs of the individual with private or semi-private sessions.