Perfecting my posture on the Reformer

About Helene

Helene is Principal and owner BodyPerfect Pilates Studio.

With over 20 years experience teaching in  the health and fitness industry Helene is

registered and certified with: 

  • Australian Pilates Method Association. (APMA)
  • as a Level 4 Professional Practitioner in Pilates and Movement Therapy 
  • (7500 hours of face to face teaching experience)
  • Studio, Equipment and Matwork  based Instructor.
  • Certifed in Pilates, Stretch and Movement Therapy. 
  • With extensive experience teaching Clinical Pilates
  • Registered as a Barre Pilates instructor 

 Instructor Profile 

Helene completed her Pilates training through the Australian Pilates Method Association in 2004 and has since gone on to complete a Diploma in Pilates and Movement Therapy 2015.

Helene started her career as professional acrobatic dancer.

Travelling extensively through Europe, USA, Canada.

Working in the Health and Fitness Industry as an instructor since 1991.

Certified with the American Council of Exercise in Aerobic Dance.

Helene has practised Pilates throughout her professional life.

Settling back in Australia and at Challenge Fitness Centre since Jan 2000.

  • Certified with the Pilates Institute of UK, from June 2001 and pioneering the very successful Beginner Matwork course for Challenge Fitness Centre, Challenge Stadium.
  • Advanced Pilates Repertoire and Clinical techniques Pilates International 2008
  • Certified in  Posture and Flexibility (2010)  Stretch Therapy    (2011)  By Kit Laughlin. 

(Author of the best selling books Posture and Flexibility and Overcome Neck and Back Pain)

Consisting of a series of postural and stretching exercises. Using assistance from props participants experience a sense of muscle relaxation while mobilizing, increasing range of motion and developing coordination. This system stretches and strengthens at the same time with minimal effort.

  •  K M I : Kinesetic Myofacial Intergration, workshop and introduction techniques. 
  • Art Of Motion Contempory Pilates Training: 2011, 2015
  • APMA Diploma of Movement Therapy 2015

Helene continues to further her Pilates training attendng workshops  and seminars with leading Pilates Master Trainers and Practitioners nationally and internationally.

When not teaching her passion for Pilates keeps her active with her own practise on a daily basis. During any other spare time she enjoys going to the beach, taking yoga classes.

She has a keen interest in meditation and it's healing affects on the body.

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